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Best in Chiropractic in Poway, California

For the last 24 years, Dr. Pejman PourArbab, aka, (Dr. PJ.) has been helping many patients with their physical pain, ailments, and/or debilitating injuries in Phoenix Arizona, and San Diego, California. 

Dr. PJ has the following certifications and licenses.

  • Dual-certified in Physical Medicine & Manual Procedures.
  • Dual-board Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine.
  • Dual-board Certified and Licensed in Physiotherapies Modalities.

Dr. PJ. is one of the best adjusters within the field of Chiropractic, not just according to himself, but mainly to his patients. However, he also offers to his patients who may be in need of his highly unique, non-invasive, and hands-on neuromuscular and neuromechanical treatments, all of which focus mainly on one concept, “Stability”.

Dr. PJ believes that “…by laws of nature, without adequate and/or proper Stability within any object, the mobility of that object shall be compromised.” Meaning, that once the stability of a moving object is reduced and/or compromised, mobility will become more challenging, or at times, impossible.

These highly advanced and specialized treatments, in addition to the standard (or above standard) and commonly performed spinal mobilization techniques “adjustments,” aim to eliminate chronic and chronic pain while correcting faulty postures. A methodology was founded, developed, and perfected by Dr. PJ. in 1998, shortly before the start of the clinical internship.

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Best Chiropractic Care in Poway, California

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  • Are you looking for the Best Chiropractic and Pain Relief Care in Poway, CA?
  • Are you still suffering from the same Unresolved Chronic PAIN, or debilitating injury?
  • Do you feel fatigued or low energy more than 50% of the time? No matter what you do, eat, or drink?
  • Are you looking to get into shape and lose up to 30LBS without the use of any exercise, diet, supplements, or medication?
  • Find out what your body may be missing everyday.

Introducing the all-natural approach Bio-Physical Medicine

If you’ve been experiencing pain & fatigue, suffering from a recent or old injury, or are just interested in optimizing your overall daily strength and performance, and would like to learn how Dr. PJ. can help you achieve your goals while living a happier (BPM), more balanced, pain and restriction-free Neo-Life, CONTACT US TODAY!

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