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Bio-Physical Medicine

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About Bio-Physical Medicine

Bio-Physical Medicine

Bio-Physical Medicine (BPM) has been named and referred to at NCU as the combination of all the organic and medicinal substances including Opioids which are naturally produced by the brain and transported by the nerves to every living tissue within the body, including the bloodstream itself. BPM also happens to be the key substance in maximizing the Integrity and the Vitality of the Core (Inner Frame) which is solely responsible for the overall body health and “well-being”, regardless of age, exercise, supplements, etc.

Reader’s Note:

Naturally, in presence of people’s different lifestyles, daily duties, and the aging process itself (most common factors), via enduring and suffering from a constant daily process of what Dr. PJ. refers to as silent Pain, this mechanism becomes dysfunctioned creating blockages of flow that gradually, yet, surely aim and work to reduce and in some cases eliminate the production of such needed substances to supply the body.

In one example, decreased production of Opioids is one main reason why we all as humans are constantly seeking and searching to “feel good” or “feel happy“. Studies have shown reduction or elimination of pain results in better health in all aspects; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Meanwhile, in the last 24 years here at NCU, it has been clinically known and established that our one-of-a-kind hands-on neurological and neuromuscular treatments recreate and increase this production by tangible and measured improvements which will rather quickly become even visibly noted in physical appearance and your overall daily performance starting within the initial few weeks. Treatments will help combat and handle your stress at neurological levels.

Whether you are on the job, on the track, or on the court, effectively eliminate daily aches and pains, while slowing down the rapid rate of aging.

Why not experience Life at the top of your game?

Try BPM today, Feel the Difference & See for Yourself!

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