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At Neo Chiro United Chiropractic in Poway, California, we offer the state of chiropractic care like no other center. We offer unique techniques to address the source of pain and start to rejuvenate your life back to normal.


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Dr. Pejman Pourarbab Founder
Dr. Pejman (PJ) is one of the top Chiropractic Doctors in San Diego, California.
Markus Pourarbab Neuromuscular Therapist
Sports performance, pain management, soft tissue rehabilitation in California and Arizona
dr pejman pourarbab chiropractor poway ca

Dr. Pejman Pourarbab, also known as; “Dr. Pj.” is a dual-board certified and licensed chiropractic doctor, dual-certified and mastered in physical medicine manual procedure and therapeutic modalities. He is also a certified, physiotherapist.

He was one of the final groups of graduates from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in April of 1999 before it became Southern California university of health and sciences. Before entering his clinical internship, Dr. Pj.’s focused on other means of manipulation than the mainstream spinal adjustments, exercises, and use of electronic devices.

Hence, for the past 23 years, Dr. PJ has developed techiues to relieve pain (typically, starting on day 1). His techniques will increase strength, vitality, and performance at the core level by helping the body frame stay “fit” while optimizing true health (Well-being).

“…Clinical success in any medical and healthcare profession is achieved and obtained only when subjective aspect meets the objective aspect…or, the opposite, whichever comes first…!”

Dr. Pj

Markus Pourarbab is a certified neuromuscular (CNMT) and a massage therapist (CMT).

He performs specialized manual muscle therapies that have shown to influence and assist with treatments administered by the doctor for faster and better recovery from sports, accidents, or other bodily injuries.

Markus has been in practice for approximately for last fourteen years. He is a patient advocate and full-time student pursuing his courier in Chiropractic and Physical therapy.

markus pourarbab neuromuscular therapist poway ca
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