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About Integrative Physical Fitness

Integrative Physical Fitness

NEO-FITNESS 101 & NEO BODY IMAGING refer to the preference of an individual whom may currently be struggling with, or seeking NEW Alternatives to traditional and boring diet or exercise programs, plastic surgery, and other products in order to 

  • Rebuild their body, 
  • gain core strength, 
  • gain more confidence, 
  • live happier & healthier, 
  • decrease or increase body weight, 
  • increase bodily function & performance, 
develop Neo muscles and/or tone up the already existing muscles, or even make fine changes in body shape. 
Dr. PJ.’s unique protocols require no specific diet regimens, nor the performance of any active exercise. They consist of activation and reprogramming of highly specific core muscles which by the early ages of life, generally tend to become dispositioned, or in some cases, detached or “absent” within the core, and without our awareness (due to our nature of “adaptation”).
Therefore, those specific core muscles no longer exist in their proper function or natural positions. Over time, typically by the fourth decade of life, this leads to specific or overall weaknesses or what Dr. PJ. refers to ass”Silent Pain” which ultimately causes alterations resulting in placing and positioning the shape of the inner frame what we call  “Poor Posture” and body-shape. Dr. PJ. refers to this phenomenon as rapid or “Early Aging”. The newly discovered concept of changing Body Compositions and shifting Body Shape is successfully achieved via muscle activation and postural modification techniques as they have proven to not only strengthen core muscles, but also provide long-lasting relief from daily aches & pains (arthritic or non-arthritic) and allow for faster recoveries from the nerve, muscle, and a variety of other musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.
These protocols in modification and alteration of body compositions are safe, non-invasive, and highly effective while they create the opportunity for a naturally balanced and proportional fit that your particular body and frame were designed to be in. If you have been searching for answers to losing moderate weight while gaining energy & core strength, you may be a prime candidate for this All-New and Ground-breaking Procedure.
Feel free to contact our office today and schedule your complimentary consultation with The Doctor to see if you qualify for the protocols.   
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